1. Naturally Beautiful Bird Houses and Bird Feeders

    At QMT Windchimes®, we’re known for making the wind sing with our beautiful assortment of high-quality wind chimes. But did you know we also offer a selection of elegant and naturally beautiful bird feeders and bird houses? Our Mountain View™ bird feeders and bird houses are elegantly constructed from redwood and configured in completely original … Continued

  2. Retail Tips: First Impressions

    As you walk into a store you’ve never been in before, what do you notice? Using your senses of sight, smell, and touch, notice what you see, how the store smells and what you touch first. These are all things to be cognizant of about your own store and how customers perceive it when walking … Continued

  3. Redwood Deck Planters – NEW from QMT

    We are proud to announce NEW redwood planters that will enhance the beauty and warmth of your outdoor space! Like all of our products at QMT, these planters are crafted with quality, durable materials and designed to last! The solid redwood boards are rot resistant, and there are three drainage holes in the center to ensure a clean environment for your favorite plants and flowers.

  4. Mountain View® Birdhouses and Feeders

    With Mountain View® Birdhouses and Feeders, QMT shows that we can do more than windchimes! You will love to watch the activity of the birds who love to visit these inviting birdhouses and feeders.  They create a warm, welcoming environment for the birds, and their durability ensures that your birds will continue to frequent your … Continued

  5. NEW! QMT Stainless Steel Tree Hooks

    New from QMT! Stainless Steel Tree Hooks are the ideal garden accessory for increasing space in your lawn and garden, as well as ensuring that your beautiful wind chimes are truly an eye-catching piece of décor. They are crafted from stainless steel and powder-coated in an attractive Black hue to best withstand the elements and display your chimes season after season.

  6. Redwood Bird Feeders Great for Fall

    Now is the time to stock up on all your birding supplies like our redwood Mountain View birdfeeders offered in four sizes. Choose the size best suited for you and enjoy all the natural beauty that fall brings to your own backyard.