Charity of the Month: American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is an institution known around the world for providing vital services to people in need. This month, 20% of all QMT online sales will be donated to support the critical humanitarian work this organization engages in every day.

Whether it’s a house fire, natural disaster, or international crisis, Red Cross volunteers and staff work to deliver necessary vital services to help people recover. In fact, they respond to more than 64,000 disasters annually, and remarkably, all of this work is done by 95% volunteer labor.

In addition to disaster relief, the Red Cross also provides health and safety training courses, conducts blood drives, and support our troops and their families. Have you ever given blood or received donated blood? The Red Cross developed the first nationwide civilian blood program in the 1940s and they still provide more than 40% of the blood products in this country. The Red Cross has been providing support to American troops since 1881, and Red Cross staff and volunteers are still deploying alongside America’s military to this day. First aid and swim safety classes have been offered since the early 1900s and have continued to be a popular offering of the Red Cross through the years.

QMT Windchimes is proud to support the Red Cross, and if you’d like to donate to them directly, visit the Red Cross website to do so.