Charity of the Month: Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders––or Médecins Sans Frontières, as it’s known internationally––operates impartially, without regard for political, racial, or religious realities. They provide essential healthcare to those without regularly available treatment, including emergency response in the wake of catastrophe, logistical specialists to coordinate on-the-ground efforts, and so much more.

QMT supports this important organization each year, and this month 20% of online sales will be donated to help support their ongoing work.

In the United States, diseases like malaria are relatively rare. In fact, most of the 1,700 confirmed malaria cases are found in patients returning from parts of the world where the disease runs rampant––where over 200 million people are infected every year. It can be hard to imagine such a staggering statistic. But not for the brave men and women of Doctors Without Borders, whose mission it is to create a new reality where the hope of survival is no longer just a dream.

Founded in 1971, Doctors Without Borders is owned, shared, and run by members who undauntedly deliver aid to over 70 countries in the face of economic turmoil and political unrest. To maintain their independence, Doctors Without Borders relies the generosity of private donors, with about 90% of their funding coming from that single avenue. To help make up the remaining 10%, we will be giving 20% of February’s online sales in direct support of their cause.

Curious about where exactly all those donations go? Doctors Without Borders employs a fully transparent philosophy, and makes all of their reporting available to the public. So you can see exactly how your support is used. Place your order online, and know that 20% of your total will help bring hope and care where it’s needed most.