Ideas for Your Garden or Outdoor Space

Spring is the perfect time to spruce up the outdoor areas around your home. Adding an extra special feature before the summer months arrive will make time spent in your yard or garden that much more meaningful.

Where to begin with adding something special? Here are three suggestions.

Decorate with sound

Adding a set of gorgeous, melodic wind chimes from QMT is an excellent way to add an interesting dimension to your outdoor space. Thanks to the beautiful sounds from the wide variety of wind chime sizes and tones, your garden or outdoor seating area can be that much more soothing and relaxing.

Selecting the chime that best complements your space can be challenging, but there are a few simple questions that will help you choose the best option.

The easiest question concerns size: would you like a big wind chime or a smaller model? The size of your chime will affect how it sounds as well as how it looks in your space. Weigh each of your options before you make your choice!

Display your chimes for maximum impact

In addition to choosing the right wind chime sound for your space, it’s also important to consider exactly how you’ll display your wind chime. Choosing the right display option can maximize the audio and visual impact of your chime.

QMT Windchimes offers a diverse selection of chime displays that can suit any chime or setting. From simple tree-based options to more elaborate wooden displays, we can offer the display you need to make your outdoor space come alive.

Bring birds to your yard for a new twist on outdoor decorations

It may not be decorating in the traditional sense, but adding a bird feeder or birdhouse to your outdoor space can add a new dimension of visual intrigue. Adding one of QMT Windchimes’ attractive feeders or houses will not only bring the visual appeal of a beautiful, natural wood structure to your yard or garden, but it will also bring many beautiful new visitors as birds take up residence in your area.