Mountain View® Birdhouses and Feeders

BF-12With Mountain View® Birdhouses and Feeders, QMT shows that we can do more than windchimes! You will love to watch the activity of the birds who love to visit these inviting birdhouses and feeders.  They create a warm, welcoming environment for the birds, and their durability ensures that your birds will continue to frequent your yard as these products quickly become a favorite.

Mountain View® Birdhouses and Feeders products are unique pieces of outdoor décor that capture the natural beauty of redwood in original designs.  They are beautiful, functional, and durable:  perfect for completing the look of any backyard, from elegant and polished to rustic and natural.

The feeders and houses are very easy to use, partially because of their removable roofing structure.  Whether you have a feeder that you need to refill or a birdhouse that you need to clean or check on, our “snap on” feature will make your life much easier:  to remove the roof, simply lift it up!  To put it back on, simple apply pressure until it snaps back into place.  Additionally, all Mountain View® products come with mounting hardware so that they are easy to set up wherever you prefer!  BH-10

In addition to their functionality, the Mountain View® products are attractive and ready for use in your yard.  The redwood, which is naturally resistant to decay, is contoured into its “log cabin style” shape, embossed with an attractive pattern, and finished for even more weather-resistance.  The birds will love this addition to your yard as much as you will!  As with all windchimes from QMT, All Mountain View® products are proudly Made in the USA!