QMT Windchimes donates to the Benedictine Sisters

Benedictine Sisters

As the sun rises, brimming with all the promise of a brand-new decade, the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia remain hard at work fulfilling a tradition that began over 150 decades ago––helping others in their community thrive through their ministries.

That’s why this month, QMT Windchimes is celebrating the Sister’s tireless efforts and countless deeds by donating 20% of all online sales towards the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia, in continued support of their mission, and as a thank you for all the good that has already come from it.

“Our community is the church in miniature,” their values state. But the miniature is ever-growing. The Sisters have expanded to operate comprehensive educational services in the Linton Hall School, a full Pre-K to 8th grade school, and Saint Gertrude High School, the only all-girls Catholic high school in the area.

Additionally, the Sisters provide adult education programs, counseling and case management services for women and children, and even offer the Benedictine Pastoral Center, where everyone is invited to share the experience of community and hospitality.

As we reflect on the previous year, the past decade, and prepare the next chapter, join us in celebrating those who help write it. Place your order online, and 20% will go directly to the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia.